Triplex Plunger Pump

Triplex Plunger Pump is the three plungers which are positive displacement pumps. We at Vino Technical Services are known for industry-recognized longest-lasting, most reliable pumps available. Our High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps is designed to the highest quality level for one key important reason is that our customers depend on our products to keep their equipment running. These high-pressure triplex plunger pumps are powered by various drives to adjust the flow as needed with changes in demand.VSmart’s Triplex Plunger pumps are low maintenance solutions for high-pressure applications are they are excellent for testing leakages and coherence from boilers, pressure vessels, etc.

We at Vino Technical produce high-pressure triplex plunger pumps for various industries and applications. We customize the Triplex plunger pumps according to the customer’s specifications and these custom engineered pumps work continuously to deliver a constant pressure flow for applications such as food processing, pressure cleaning, and chemical processing industries. We follow stringent quality measures and policies as per the industry norms and focus on serving our clients with optimum quality products and achieve fullest client satisfaction.


Quality Assurance

Quality has always been our cornerstone with us and we put all our efforts and hard work to maintain optimum quality of the products. We manufacture products which have long lasting shelf life.. Our products are analyzed both pre production, and during, to ensure whether we meet or exceed our customer's specifications. Our quality control inspectors ensure our quality evaluation and control measures are as per the ISO standards.


Material Stainless Steel
Max Flow Rate 500 to 30000 LPH
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Grade 304
Pressure 30 to 600 kg/cm2
Type Plunger Pump
Applications Boiler Feed, Spray Dryer, Jet Cleaning
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